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Emma Buxton

Peterborough (Cambridgeshire) based photographer specialising in Aerial, Dancer, Gymnast and Pole photoshoots

Specialist in photoshoots for aerial hoop, pole and dancers in nature and outdoors locations

Emma is fantastic at what she does. She is brilliant at making people feel at ease and brings out the best in people when taking photos. The finish and quality of the photos are exceptional. Emma has a real eye and talent for photography and I would recommend her very highly. My daughter loved her time spent with Emma during the photo shoot and would love to repeat the experience again.

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About Me

My name is Emma and I grew up in a household where taking photos was a part of our lifestyle. My Dad was a wildlife, natural history and landscape photographer but was always taking pictures of me and my sister. We would have outdoor photoshoots as well as our conservatory becoming a studio where he would play around with lighting and effects. I also remember I was probably the only kid in school to have a decent camera and from a young age became the unofficial photographer whenever we went on school trips, days out or holidays!

I was a gymnast, dancer and now an aerialist so I have combined my passions. I love taking photos of dancers, polers, aerialists and gymnasts in creative and natural settings. I am fascinated and captivated by the skill sets that people have and love the opportunities to capture this.

I set up my photography business initially to share and sell the photos of my late father. But as time has gone on it has grown into something different and know he would be proud. His influence will stay with me always.

Its all in the name. This has led to E (Emma) M (Mike) Buxton Photography.

I look forward to helping you capture those special moments in time.

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